La Fondation pour l'Arganier
Au Maroc, un arbre existant depuis des millions d'années disparaît. Le désert s'étend. L'exode rural est important. L'arganier est une possibilité de résoudre ces problèmes.


The Argane Tree

The argane tree is at the base of a rural economy that has existed for hundreds of years. Its leaves and the pulp of the fruit provide feed for goats and camels, the wood is used for fire and the making of various household goods, and its fruit for the making of argane oil, which has both a high nutritional and local market value.

The argane tree is also at the base of a biosystem, especially in areas that border the desert. In these zones, argane trees act like a natural tool against the desert because of their ability to adapt to drought and their root system, which can reach a depth of 30 meters. This enables the tree to act like a "water elevator" for plants that grow underneath and alongside the tree.

Inspite of all this, the tree is sometimes viewed as an annoyance, especially in the plains of the Souss where it may take space that has been marked for orange trees, greenhouse tomatoes or other more profitable, higher maintenance crops. The population growth also puts pressure on the tree as its needs for wood and animal feed increase. Presently, the argane region is shrinking at a rate of 600 hectares per year. This threat to the species has prompted the UN to declare it an international biosphere zone.

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